Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More On Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has been around the barn more than once. Actually Oprah Winfrey has been around the barn probably a lot more than that. This woman grew up disadvantaged, poor and she claims that she was abused in more ways than one. What did Oprah Winfrey do with that? Well, she did not lay down and roll over. Oprah Winfrey became a super celebrity in modern times, that is what she did. Oprah now has a vast multimedia empire that spans television, magazines, books and who knows how much else. She seems to have her fingers in every pie! What I love best about Oprah Winfrey is that she gives back in spades the money she has made. Oprah Winfrey goes out of her way to help other people, not only with money and funding, but also to give desperate and down on their luck folks inspiration, courage and hope. Oprah says that she has battled many demons, including her weight. It is interesting to see Oprah and the changes she has made with her figure over the years, especially if you look back a long way! Oprah is super courageous and brave, and I admire anyone who makes tons of money and then gives back to the community. Oprah Winfrey is a wonderful person who has done so much good in the world.
Nevertheless we witness from her fans some mitigated opinions about the shows' conduct. Here is one of them, read on:
Ok. There is no one who has not heard of Oprah Winfrey. At first I loved her, because of her weight issues,and now with her hypothyroid issues, as I myself have hypothyroidism. However, she is really annoying. Every time she has a guest on the show she will interrupt the guest and put what they’re trying to say in her own words. I mean seriously; give them a chance to talk. She is especially bad with the psychologists.

And then I don’t know if she’s into it; but all these celebrities going into the ‘go green’ when each of them, especially Oprah, has several million dollar homes sitting there and wasting energy. And they have private jets and they ask us to use one piece of toilet paper? PLEASE!! When you people like Oprah stop wasting resources that you think you need, then I’ll consider using just one piece of tissue to wipe.

I don’t know how Oprah does it though. If there is something like a book presented on Oprah than it has instant success and is on the best sellers list for weeks. Like Anna Kerenina. I remember seeing that title on the best sellers during her book club; now I am a fan of the book so I was delighted. So what does the woman HAVE? I mean, she can irritate the hell out of me but other times it’s amazing how much leverage she has.

I do appreciate the fact that she does try to help people; like decorating their balconies for spring to give them an extra pretty space, or buy new cars for poor mothers. But seriously, I just don’t know. If she really is trying to spread goodwill don’t buy all those houses or whatever. Then I might appreciate her more. But I can’t help but like her. But she is so annoying. I can’t make up my mind. I think I will go with annoying, because even though she helps people there is an ‘all about me’ thing in there that she really need to try to get rid of. Other than that she has an amazing power for just one woman. Make up your own mind about her but I’m just stating how I feel really. I have honestly stopped watching her show because she interrupts her guests so much because she thinks she has something better to say.

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