Tuesday, 24 March 2009

About Oprah Winfrey Talk Shows

The Oprah Winfrey Show has featured many celebrities over the years, but that´s only one side of it. There´s also Oprah´s eternal quest to better herself, and to make the viewers change themselves. Oprah has started several organizations: Oprah´s angel network, Oprah´s book club, and O Magazine. For a couple of years now, the show frequently ends with a "Remember your spirit" segment. The show is produced by Oprah´s own company, Harpo (which spells Oprah backwards). The Oprah Winfrey show is now entering its 20th year of production as a syndicated show. But starting in 2011, she'll no longer be doing her show since she won't be renewing her contract.
Oprah is quite possibly the most popular talk show on the planet. Part of what makes Oprah so popular is that she is always so nice. On one of her episodes this past year she gave a audience full of teachers their own new car. On every episode she gives her studio audience something, and she always treats her guest very well. This talk show is for the most part a wholesome uplifting show to watch, unlike other talk shows that tend to be sensationalistic Oprah always has a good story to tell. She also has a book club, where you can read a book along with Oprah and listen to discussions on the show. Oprah gets a rep as a show for housewives, but it really is a fantastic show for everyone to watch.
Personally i can say that one of my favorite television talk shows is Oprah. Oprah is on Channel 10 at 1pm in the afternoon.

One of the reasons why I like watching her shows is because Oprah the talk show host is really genuine and down to earth. I like it how she has not let all her fame and riches get to her. She treats everyone equally and does not judge anyone. She always shows her guests the upmost respect.

On this talk show, Oprah always has interesting show topics. Today was about Tom Cruise. She went to his house in Colorado up in the Mountains. That to me said alot about her, she took the time and effort to go to his house. Don’t know many talk show hosts that would go out of their way to go to someone else’s house. She seemed so normal when she was there, they sat on the couch and did the interview and she had her feet up on the couch. She also went tabogining with Tom Cruise. She took the time to show viewers watching,the real Tom Cruise.

The following day, Oprah then did a second show on Tom Cruise, paying tribute to his 25 years in show business. I really enjoyed watching this show. Looking back on some of the great movies Tom has been in. One of my all time favourties was Cocktail, where Tom Cruise was the bar man.

Oprah has also done many inspirational shows. For example she once did a show on how she has set up a school for young African girls. I was so amazed at how much she had changed these poor girls lives around, she gave them a golden opportunity in life.

There are many other phenomenal shows that she has had, all very entertaining and informative. If you take the time to watch one of her shows, you will be delighted. She is a great inspiration to watch.

Oprah Winfrey is a role model for black and white Americans. She was born on January 29th 1954 in Mississippi.I know that she had to deal with a lot of racial discrimination. The Oprah Winfrey show,which actually started as A.M. Chicago morning talk show, began in 1984 As the most successful talk show ever founded. She has the most moral based discussions for everyone.I just have to say that though I am a “White” American, Oprah Winfrey is a role model for me. She has done so much for underpriviledged children all over the world. In 1993 Bill Clinton signed the National “OprahBill” into law ,it is a National database of convicted child abusers. This is just some of the many things that she has done for children

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