Thursday, 2 April 2009

Oprah Winfrey Show On Hot Topic: SEX

For the first time, women reveal what they feel and want.
Dr. Laura Berman is Oprah's guest this Friday.
She will discuss with the audience the latest science
behind love and sex appeal.
Ask her your questions about sex.
No question is too embarrassing to be answered.
You got it right, no taboo.
By the lady Gynecologist and sex Consultant.
The underground most researched and less talked
about secrets about sex are covered.
A laser focus analysis of what is the most eluded
yet biggest responsible of both happiness and
unhappiness in every romance.
No feeling of shame, guilt or fake aversion.
With Oprah’s well known pugnacity, no aspect of sex
in relations will remain in shadow… You bet.
Some of the major and recurring questions would be:
How to impress your partner with an attractive look?
What is the best recipe for sex-appeal?
Sexual energy and long lasting libido, is Viagra the
best answer?
How many times can we DO it and for how long?
What role diet is playing in increasing the libido?
Safe boundaries of sex: oral, anal, during menses?
What to wear, perfumes, cosmetics, hairdressing...
How to keep your partner white HOT?
Women specially, spend 75% of there hard earned
money to be more attractive and sexy.
This show’s ticket is really under priced.
Be on the show on Friday, no excuses.
You wouldn’t want to miss this one…
By then, you can post any question on
Huh! I nearly forgot. The million-dollar question there:
What really attracts men and women to one another?
If you disagree, tell it and express your view.
Your opinion is very important to us.
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